Visible Drop

Up to 200㎛ Galaxy Drop
200㎛ Oil drop of soft particles flows like milkyway.
Improves slimy or stiff oil types to soft application.
Non – Emulsifier
Pure oil drops without emulsifier to protect the skin better. (OW type)
Like liposome soft oil
WOW Multiple emulsion that improves stability of soluble substances .
200 ㎛ oil drops locks unstable active substances inside.
Oil drops prevent reactant to smell from oxidation.
It prevents and delays the discoloration oil natural oil from direct sunlight.
liquid_test1 liquid_test1
< Test for preventing bad odor level >
Olfactory cognitive test by classifying the intensity of odor according to rancidity of amino acid containing sulfur compound into level from 1 to 10
liquid_test2 liquid_test2
< Test for level of preventing from discoloration >
1. Comparison of discoloration levels in direct exposure to liquid marble WOW formulations and aqueous solution of guaiazulene
2. Test time consumed to change from initial color level 10 to fully bleached level 0

Liquid-Marble® Applicable Formulation

  • Cream formulation
    · Non-heating process that does not use heat to maintain the titier of heat-sensitive raw materials
    · Refreshing texture for high oil containment by using the membrane emulsification technology
    · Available in OW, WO and WOW formulations Applicable products
    Applicable Products
    적용가능제품1 Derma Key Ing. Guaiazulene
    적용가능제품2 Recovery Key Ing. Stem Cell
    Examples of application
    · Derma formulation of emulsifier-free type
    · Moisture cream using WOW multi-type
    · Moisture cream using WOW multi-type
  • Serum formulation
    · 200um visible size Galaxy Drop
    · Emulsifier OW formula provides fresh feeling
    · Applicable to discoloration and prevent changing odor of WOW multi formulations
    Applicable Products
    적용가능제품3 Wrinkle Care Key Ing. Beta-Glucan
    적용가능제품4 Moisturizing Key Ing. Liquid Crystal
    적용가능제품5 Whitening Key Ing. Glutathione
    Examples of application
    · WOW multi-type odorless glutathione serum
    · Improved usability OW TYPE cholesterol liquid crystal serum
    · Whitening, soothing and regenerating serum of raw materials added
  • Mask formulation
    Ideal for dipping mask pack fabric It is a formulation provided in the form of a mask pack soaking that can contain the desired effects such as soothing, regenerating and moisturizing.
    Applicable Products
    적용가능제품1 Derma Key Ing. Guaiazulene
    적용가능제품2 Recovery Key Ing. Stem Cell
    Examples of application
    · WOW multi type soothing mask pack
    · Borupirin, Peptide formulation regenerating mask pack
    · Other concept ingredients Wrinkle improvement and whitening mask pack

Liquid-Marble® Manufacturing video