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업체명/주소 : Korea Trade
담당자(직책): Natalie Veselova
연락처 : veselova@koreatrade.ru
미팅요청 : on
요청 샘플 종류 : [Liquid-Marble] [Neo-Bubble] [Neo-Bubble BASE] [Amo-Soft]
기타 요청 사항 : Dear Sir/Madam,

In this letter we would like to introduce one of the leading company specializes in providing high-quality Korean skin care products on Russian and CIS markets
- our company  Korea Trade ( with a head office located in Moscow).

We offer our consumers a wide range of Korean skin care products which cater to mid-range and mid-range+ segments of the market.
In addition, Korea Trade develops several own brands and we are writing to express our interest in establishing a business relationship with your esteemed company
for the procurement of cosmetic raw materials ( by bulk from 250 kg for the 1st order and from 1000kg from the 2d order). We are looking for reliable suppliers which will be able to work with us on an OEM basis to produce our own brands (skin care products, private label).

Our focus is on the mid-range and middle+ price segments, but we are interested in high quality sourcing raw materials for the following categories of skin and body care:

Skin Care: Foam Cleansers, Toners, Ampoules (serums), Moisturizers, Eye Creams, Hand creams, Face creams (days/nights), Eye patches, Sheet Masks, Scrubs, etc.
Body Care: Wash ( Shower Gels) , Body care products ( gels), Soap, Hand Creams and etc.
Functional care: Anti-wrinkle, Anti-acne/Cleansing, Moisturizing, Skin Immunity support, Mutli-functional and etc.

We already have a list of skin care products which we are looking for but first of all we would like to see presentation of your company/factory and list of products which you really
proud ( your best-sellers) and then to send you our focus list of the products. Hope it will be convenience for you.
Please also pay attention that we are looking for WOW products as well to make skin care procedures for each women not only effective but also pleasant.
Good fragrances – are very important for us as well. We believe that your company's expertise and experience in the production of cosmetic raw materials would be a valuable asset to our business.
We have attached a link to our company presentation for your reference. And we would be grateful if you could provide us more information on your business,
products and services, as well as your pricing and delivery/cooperation terms.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to establish a fruitful business relationship with your company.

Thank you for considering our request.

With best regards,
Natalie Veselova
Brand Manager


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